I often tell the story of how reluctant a certain old telephone giant was to acknowledge just how versatile VoIP could be. "You can't run it over ADSL!" they would say with alarm, as I explained to them at conferences exactly how I was saving my customers money, whilst giving them additional functionality. 

You're doing WHAT?!

Of course they eventually conceded to the practice. These days, we even have Fibre broadband, which is, by nature of its capacity, an even better fit.

Switching from traditional telephone lines to VoIP is one of those rare wonders which whilst saving money, piles on the benefits at the same time. Truly flexible communications, meaning, for instance, you can take your desk phone home with you. Working from home just got real!

Flexibility isn't just limited to physical location though. A modern business often has requirements such as different telephone numbers for marketing campaigns, and localised geographical numbers. The latter enables a business to have a local 'presence', encouraging both confidence and sales.

Further, for those running multiple businesses, your phone becomes a truly exceptional communications hub - allowing you to identify and answer calls to multiple businesses, and with multiple identities.

Add to all this the cost savings, and being able to fix your bill, and have all your calls included, there really is everything to love about VoIP.

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